Pakistani Jews started legal struggle to restore Karachi Synagogue

The Bene Israel Trust, Karachi-based Jewish welfare body has approached the Sindh High Court to get the land of the Magen Shalom Synagogue back where a shopping mall was built after the place of worship was demolished in the 1980s, The English Daily Express Tribune reported.

Magen-Shalom-Synagogue-KarachiThe daily further informed that the Jewish trust has submitted an application to the Court with the request that it take control of the property so it can maintain the land of the place of worship. The Bene Israeli community was made of the Jews who were traditionally found in Konkan, roughly the coastal region from Goa to Karachi.

The trust’s attorney has informed the court that there used to be a synagogue on survey No. RC-3, measuring 1,190 square yards, located in the Ranchore Line Quarters. It was built in 1893, according to independent sources. The trust’s application says it was built for the sole purpose and object of performing worship, which is a right of the members of a minority community. It has been replaced by a Khurrum Shopping Mall.

When the high court took up the matter, it is reported that the lawyers for the provincial and local governments were absent. The bench has issued notices to the parties concerned to appear with their comments on the current status of the property and its tenancy among other details.

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