The Muslim News Awards for Excellence on March 31, 2014 in London

The coveted The Muslim News Awards for Excellence will be held on Monday 31 March in central London to what is promised to be an unforgettable celebration of Muslim talent and their contributions to British society.

muslim-news-awardsThis year’s nominees include athlete Mo Farah, kickboxing champ Ruqsana Begum and sculptural artist Halima Cassell. They join an illustrious list of both sung and unsung heroes, all of whom, through their nomination alone, become role models for British Muslims.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence is a high-profile gala ceremony showcasing the best of British Muslim talent and is hosted by The Muslim News, the country’s largest ethnic minority newspaper. The newspaper continually works toward giving talented British Muslims the recognition they deserve for making positive contributions in their workplace and communities across the nation.

The event will be held in the presence of Rt Hon Dominic Grieve, QC, MP, Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, MP, Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Lord Chancellor and Rt Hon Simon Hughes, MP, Minister of Justice. The Guest of Honour to be announced on the day.

All party leaders have sent messages of support to the event.

Prime Minister, David Cameron said: “These prestigious awards showcase the incredible talent in our vibrant Muslim community. It recognizes dedicated and brilliant people and highlights the incredible things they do – not only for the Muslim community but our country as a whole.

“And while we salute those being recognized tonight we also celebrate the wider contribution of British Muslims to our country – the hard working families, the entrepreneurs and the public servants who all help make Britain the richly diverse and successful nation it is today.”

Ed Miliband, Opposition Leader and Leader of the Labour Party, said: “Tonight’s awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the great talent shown and contribution given by Muslim people in all walks of life.

“The awards recognize not only excellence in business, sport, arts and technology, but also those who have served their communities selflessly.

“It is a true celebration of values core to our country – of community and commitment, of education and learning.”

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of Liberal Democrats, said: “The Muslim News Awards for Excellence has become the flagship event for Muslim communities in the UK highlighting British Muslim contributions to society which might otherwise go unrecognized.

“The contribution of British Muslims to the country’s rich multicultural landscape cannot be underestimated.”

Ahmed J Versi, Editor of The Muslim News said: “The awards ceremony showcases the brilliance of the British Muslim community – huge contributions made by diverse men, women and young people from around the country.”

“We are celebrating talents in our community, not only excelling in their respective professions but also contributing to the society.”

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