Muslim Aid offers Assistance to Support UK Flood Victims

Muslim Aid has recently sent an emergency task force to Somerset, England, to carry out a needs assessment in response to severe flooding which has recently affected various parts of the UK. Says a press release issued by Inlia Aziz of Muslim Aid. The team has consequently begun planning appropriate action after meeting with local authorities and residents.

Muslim_AidThe team, consisting of Muslim Aid staff from its UK Development department and volunteers, visited a makeshift disaster centre in the Westfield URC church for those affected by the floods in the Bridgewater area, which currently caters for 150 households. Over 80,000 homes have been affected in the area, while most residents eligible for insurance will have to wait 6-12 months before they can move back into their homes. Muslim Aid’s task force also carried out their assessment in the East Lyng area, where they liaised with local authorities and residents to assess the need on the ground.

muslimaid-ukA spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “The recent floods in the UK have been exceptionally devastating for a substantial number of families in the UK. As a UK based international NGO, Muslim Aid has a responsibility to assist those in need when a disaster of such magnitude strikes on our very doorstep, and we urge members of the community to offer support in any way they can.”

Muslim Aid is going to mobilise its volunteers to assist those who have been affected by these devastating floods. The Charity is in the process of dispatching sand bags to prevent further flooding of houses in the high risk areas and also will provide hot food and other assistance to the victims who are residing in temporary shelter and rescue centres.

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