Canadian High Commission held a roundtable discussion with Pakistan Agricultural Council

Under the auspices of Canadian High Commissioner, H.E. Greg Giokas, a group of Islamabad-based diplomats, development experts, United Nations organizations and other officials today met with the newly-formed Pakistan Agriculture Council at the Canadian High Commissioner’s Official Residence, to discuss future directions for agriculture in Pakistan.

C.H. Commission pixThe Pakistan Agricultural Council (PAC) gave a presentation on the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan’s agriculture and food sector and led a lively discussion with the participants on “How business can transform Pakistan agriculture”.

The delegates welcomed the formation of the PAC and noted that it will play a valuable role in interacting with domestic and international agriculture officials. They encouraged the PAC to provide ideas and support to the provincial and federal governments in Pakistan in the development of policies and reforms in the agriculture sector to help create a more competitive, efficient and sustainable agriculture sector in Pakistan.

The CEO of the PAC, Mr. Arif Nadeem, stated that “Pakistan has a strong, dynamic and diversified agriculture and food sector and it is vital to develop a coherent strategy involving the provincial and federal governments and relevant organizations in consultations with sector groups”.

The Canadian High Commissioner, on behalf of the committee, congratulated the PAC on their excellent work and the productive discussion. “Today, with this informative and thorough exchange on the agriculture and food sector in Pakistan, the diplomatic community and international organisations involved in assisting Pakistan’s agriculture development have been able to focus on specific long-term objectives and have also identified some areas for support” the Canadian High Commissioner concluded.

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