Sameena Baig inaugurated International Mountain Film Festival in Islamabad

Sameena Baig, Pakistan’s first woman mountaineer who scaled the Mount Everest just a few months back, has inaugurated the International Mountain Film Festival at Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad. The two-day series of events titled ‘The Italian Science and Cooperation at the Shadow of K2’ are being organized by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee, the SEED Project and the Karakoram International University (KIU), with the patronage of the Italian Embassy.

samina-baig-italy-pncaSameena Baig, in her speech, said, “Mountains are life for the people living there, and in the plains and downstream by providing water and ecological services. They are huge to fascinate us and challenge our courage, but there are no opportunities for the young to explore the snow covered natural habitats on the mighty glaciers and on the peaks of sky-touching mountains.”

“The foreigners come to scale the summits on our lands but we have no chance to explore our own mountains. Provision of outbound educational and adventure activities to the youth and other interested ones is not on the priority list of our government. So, we have to depend on the foreign friends.” She concluded.

The international film festival began with the screening of ‘In the Heart of Asia’, directed by Stefano Ardito. This 20-minute adventure film is shot recently in Italy and Pakistan that shows the highlights of the Filippo De Filippi scientific expedition of 1913 in Central Asia. He departed from India, and reached Skardu, Leh, the Rimu glacier, the Depsang Plains, the highest Karakorum passes, and arrived to Kashgar, in the Chinese Xinjang. The documentary, thanks to his diaries and his photos, retraces De Filippi’s life and work before, during and after this great accomplishment and shows its true historical and scientific value.

Sameena Baig appreciated the EVK2CNR, the SEED project and the KIU for arranging this mega event for the public awareness in Pakistan.

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