US-Pakistan Women’s Council declared Ms. Najam Us Sahar as Inspiring Woman of the Week

The US-Pakistan Women’s Council, which was launched by the US. Secretary Hillary Clinton last year to support economic opportunities and entrepreneurship for women in Pakistan, has declared Ms. Najam Us Sahar as Inspiring Woman of this Week.

NajamUsSahar“A lecturer by choice, with diverse experience in academia and the social activism, Ms. Najam Us Sahar has an outstanding academic career including a one gold medal and a nomination for an academic presidential award.” The Women’s council says.

Seven years ago Najam, along with three of her classmates, formed a forum called as “Yes, We Can!” working on social issues in Pakistan. The group completed many projects including a Safe Water Campaign. The organization is now working in collaboration with Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) and Y-PEER Pakistan.

She is also working with Y-PEER Pakistan coordinating advocacy activities. She is also a lead trainer and mentor of Y-PEER and Active Citizens of the British Council. She is a member of the National Youth Task Force (NYTF) developed by the World Population Foundation (WPF) and is also a member of the task force on translating Youth policy of Pakistan into feasible Plan of Actions. She is member of steering committee to monitor the Adolescence Development program of Rutgers WPF and PLAN Pakistan at Federal level.

Najam Us Sahar is from Southern Punjab is considered to be an inspiration to not only from her family and friends but is also a mentor to her students. She enjoys being a university teacher, researcher, policy advocate, and community activist. Najam believes in her passion to change the mind set of young people of Pakistan and enable them to become leaders. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Finance and researching the human behavior in relation to financial issues.

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