Pak Envoy in Syria committed to protect residing Pakistanis

Pakistan’s envoy Abdul Waheed appointed in Syrian capital has said that almost 270 Pakistanis are residing in Syria and Pakistani embassy is in constant contact with them. SANA News Agency reported. Abdul Waheed said that Pakistani embassy would take out the Pakistanis through Beirut who are desirous to go back in the country if US attacks Syria.

syria-pakistanHe said that protection and security of Pakistanis is his first and foremost duty. He said that the situation is normal in Damascus at present and the staff of Pakistani embassy is performing its duties according to routine.

He said that the staff has been advised to remain in Damascus city and not to go to disturbed areas where issue of security is there. He said that the embassy is in contact with Pakistani community residing in Syria as well as with the embassies of other countries. He said the embassies are cooperating with one another. He said that they keep on observing the situation.

He said that over 270 Pakistanis are residing in Syria according to embassy records. He said that the embassy has their phone numbers and complete addresses, adding that the embassy keep on contacting with the Pakistanis.

He said the embassy advised Pakistanis to go back and some Pakistanis have gone back to the country as two types of Pakistani communities are residing in Syria one is the community numbered 240 whom parents came in Second World War and started living there. He said these Pakistanis residing in Syria have got married and got education there, adding that they mere know that their forefathers had come from Pakistan. He further said that no Pakistani is residing illegally in Syria.

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