Khurshid Kasuri to head regional peace think-tank

Former foreign minister and renowned politician Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri has been elected chairman of the Regional Peace Institute (RPI). The institute is currently focusing on the recent tension between Pakistan and India. It is also looking into the developments with regard to the situation in the bordering areas of Pakistan adjacent to Afghanistan.

kkAccording to a news report published in local daily, it was stated that the situation could take a precarious turn if immediate remedial actions were not taken. The RPI keeps eye on the regional affairs and maintains contacts with other organisations which are directly or indirectly associated with the peace and tranquility in the region. The institute was launched here in June to promote regional peace and security. The inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors elected former foreign minister of Pakistan, Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri as its chairman and General (R) Ehsan ul Haq, former chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) & Former Director General Inter Services (DG ISI) as its co-chairman.

The RPI is in touch with experts and analysts in China, India and Bangladesh and efforts are being made to establish linkages in the US, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and the GCC countries, all of which impact regional peace. The intended audience of the RPI includes all the stakeholders in the region including the governments, non-government organisations, media conglomerates, foreign donor groups and local funding organisations, other think-tanks who may like to collaborate with the RPI in specific studies and projects, and such others that may be interested in its work. In this context, the RPI would approach other organisations engaged in similar work for collaboration or working together on project-to-project basis.

It was stated in the briefing that three distinct components to RPI working are: 1) to operate as an independent think-tank to conduct studies and research on specific issues within its ambit of operation and come up with pragmatic and workable solutions; 2) to work in collaboration with other think-tanks and research institutes on subjects and issues of mutual interest and come up with policy papers for dissemination and discussion and 3) to work on behalf of governments and policy research institutes to conduct studies and research on specific issues and formulate policy papers. Additionally it also aims to enlarge the scope of cooperation in the social, cultural, sports and other fields.

The prominent members of the board of governors include Morshed Khan, former foreign minister of Bangladesh, Mani Shankar Ayer, former Indian minister of petroleum, Usman Aminuddin, former petroleum minister of Pakistan, Iftikhar Murshed, Publisher “Criterion” and former ambassador of Pakistan, Justice (R) Shaiq Usmani, Raoof Hasan, writer, political analyst, media strategist, Ms Shahnaz Wazirali, former federal minister, social sector luminary, Lt. Gen. (R) Asad Durrani, former DG, ISI, Moeed Yusuf, South Asia advisor, US Institute of Peace in Washington.

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