China, Afghanistan, Iran and Myanmar to be included in “Greater South Asia” – Pakistan-China Institute

Speaking on the trilateral cooperation between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Senator Mushahid Hussain, Chairman Pakistan-China Institute has said that the balance of economic, cultural and political power is shifting from West to the East, with the 21st century generally perceived as the Asian Century. He was addressing at a special briefing of the Pakistan-China Institute where he referred to the recent Tripartite Dialogue amongst think tanks of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which PCI co-hosted in Beijing this month.

Photo_Mushahid-Hussain-PCI_August26-2013He further stated that today, we are witnessing the emergence of a ‘Greater South Asia’ which includes the South Asian states with broader integral inclusion of China, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Iran, knit together by trade, investment, culture, as well as cooperation in energy, economy, and education.

Emphasizing the need for trilateral cooperation among the three countries, he said as a neighbour of both Pakistan and Afghanistan, China is a pivotal, strategic stake-holder for stability in the region.

Raza Rumi, Chief Executive of Jinnah Institute also discussed three critical dimensions to the relationships within the region: regional energy needs, issues in extremism and terrorism, and the future of Gwadar port.

The primary emphasis of his talk was on the energy factor, and he stated that the ‘New Great Game’ no longer had a militaristic aspect, but an energy-oriented one.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Pakistan-China Institute, has also welcomed the visit of President Karzai to Pakistan and termed it as significant for both bilateral relations, as well as for peace and stability in region.

He announced that on September 9, the Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production would be visiting Kabul for a dialogue with their counterparts in the Afghan Parliament.

A lively interactive discussion took place among the participants, constituted by various think tank representatives in Islamabad.

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