Hind-Pak Friendship Festival cancelled

For the first time in the past 18 years the annual ‘Hind-Pak friendship festival’ held around Independence Days of India and Pakistan near the international border in Amritsar has been cancelled. Indian media claimed the reason behind it is to protest against killing of 5 Indian soldiers by Pakistan army in recent past.

pakistan-indiaHowever, candles of hope wil still be lit on the border gates even as they have not received permission to do so by Border Security Force. Besides, the exchange of 40-member delegation of peaceniks, journalists of two countries who were to participate in a seminar on India-Pakistan relations held simultaneously in India and Pakistan on August 14 have also been cancelled. Times of India reported.

The peace festival is held jointly by organizations including Hind Pak Dosti Manch, South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA), Punaerjot, Folk Lore Research Academy and Punjabi Jagriti Manch. While talking to TOI on Saturday, president of Hind Pak Dosti Manch, Kuldeep Nayyar who had been keeping alive the hope of peace between two nations and holding festival since 1995 said that Indian government must take strict measure in response to killing of Indian soldiers but at the same time it should also continue with the process of dialogue.

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