Sungi organized planning meeting of Diaspora project partners

Sungi Development Foundation on Monday organized a planning meeting of Diaspora project partners in a local hotel in Islamabad which attended more than 20 project partners. The purpose of the meeting is to devise new strategy to implement the project in an effective way for the next phase (2013-2015). Diaspora Support Project Pakistan is an initiative of the Norwegian Government, to encourage Norwegian Pakistani communities to send privately collected money, matched with public funding to support sustainable development initiatives in Pakistan.

sungiTalking to the partners and media persons Sungi’s Executive Director Sajid Manzoor Qaisrani has said that the common area of interest is to strengthen institutions of partners NGOs by enhancing their existing capacities through cash grants by NORAD through Sungi Development Foundation.

He said the area of interest is Human Institutional Development through project support mechanism for Norwegian Pakistani Diaspora and by capacity building of the Diaspora implementing partner NGOs in Pakistan.

The project was mobilized during March, 2011 and completed the first phase by December 2012. The second phase of the project has been started from January 2013 that would end by December 2015. The project is aiming at establishing an entirely new mechanism for channeling funds from civil society in Norway to Civil Society in Pakistan, to benefit the poor communities.

The incentive is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Norway through its development wing NORAD, which has again, outsourced this work to Sungi Development Foundation as a “Resource Organization” to evaluate, transfer grants, monitor and institutionally strengthen project partners in Norway and Pakistan.

Sungi aims to perform vital role in grants management with the selected Norwegian NGOs and capacity building in Norway and in Pakistan with NORAD and Sungi’s contractual partners. Through Grants Management and capacity building; the nucleus of the Sungi’s role in Diaspora Support Project Pakistan is to endeavor in institutional strengthening of the selected Norwegian NGOs and their implementing partners in Pakistan as a way forward towards long term and sustainable contribution of civil society organizations in Norway and in Pakistan.

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