EducationUSA invites to join U.S. Pavilion at Europe’s largest international education conference in Turkey

American Embassy in Pakistan informed EducationUSA, a network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries, where millions of international students each year find accurate, comprehensive, and current information about how to apply to accredited U.S. colleges and universities, has issued its latest monthly E-newsletter which contains valuable information and updates for those who are interested in pursuing a higher education in the U.S.

EducationUSAThe newsletter informed the 2013 EducationUSA Forum featured new Skill Lab sessions to provide participants with practical, hands on training in a variety of technical areas. In one of these sessions EducationUSA staff debuted an online, interactive quiz for U.S. college and university representatives designed to assess their international admissions websites.

The EducationUSA has also invited to join the U.S. Pavilion at Europe’s largest international education conference which is scheduled to be held from September 10 – 13 in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Showcase your institution and programs
  • Actively promote U.S. study to the European audience
  • Meet current and potential partners
  • Attend the 20+ networking events at the conference

The July 2013 issue of e-newsletter can be viewed from here:

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