Indian State Gujarat to use GIS in the Flood Mapping Project

The Indian State Government of Gujarat will be launching the pilot trial of its flood mapping project at the Mahi river basin as part of its efforts to curb damages brought about by severe flooding in various parts of the state.

gujarat-indiaThe project, according to local media reports, will leverage GIS to assess the vulnerability of selected areas so that the relevant government agency can prepare the necessary disaster mitigation activities to prevent any negative impact on the community and the local economy.

“We are currently analysing the spread of water when released from dams. Suppose one lakh cusecs of water is released, we must know where it will spread and to what extent will it cause flooding. Similarly, we will study the changes when larger volumes are released,” said an official from the State Government.

He added that once the spread pattern is verified, the new contours will be placed on a fresh GIS map of the basin.

“The exercise has been underway for the last few months and we are near completion. This is an important step towards mitigating the threat of floods. We began with Mahi because the basin is close by and comparatively easy to start with,” he said.

Furthermore, once the project is completed on the Mahi basin, it will also be implemented for the Tapi, Sabarmati and Damanganga basins.

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