Twin city residents joined to celebrate Shifa Family Fair

Hundreds of children, women, families and elderly people turned up to Shifa International Hospital and stayed there till late night on Sunday to attend and participate in different activities in Shifa Family Health Fair organized by the hospital to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The fair was organized at main lawn inside the hospital.

shifa-family-fairThere were two parallel activities in the fair. At one side, under huge canopy various food, jewelry, nutrition corner for free BMI and diet plans, nursing orientation, vital signs checkup, nursing care, speech, autism & rehabilitation, cosmetics and handicrafts stalls were setup and on other side jumping slides, jumping castle, merry-go round and various interesting games kept children busy. While youth fun games, play-and-win, singing competition among children and youth, spoon race, sack race and different other games enthralled the participants. Magic show was specially appreciated by participants of all ages.

At nutrition and rehabilitation stalls, Shifa’s nutritionists conducted free body-mass-index (BMI) tests and prepared personalized diet plans for visiting citizens. They advised people to adopt healthy lifestyle and keep check on eating habits. Rehabilitation experts also advised people about ways to live a normal and active life after major surgeries and accidents.

The purpose of organizing family fair was to promote healthy and preventive lifestyle among masses while providing citizens and families a good recreational and healthy activity. People hailed the initiative taken by Shifa and insisted on providing more such opportunities to masses in the future where they can learn about preventive living in enjoyable and engaging way.

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