British Council collaborates with Edexcel to promote UK qualifications and curriculum

Supporting the authorities of Pakistan to achieve the mandate of Education in the country is the UK‘s top priority. The United Kingdom (UK) through British Council plans to improve the state of education and taking initiatives which will provide opportunities to children to get quality education within the country and abroad. The children intends to get education in UK would facilitated at every level.

DSC_0070UK is introducing competitive solutions to ensure that children in Pakistan get education in the Kingdom.

The joint seminar was attended by senior officials of British Council, Edexcel, and leading schools of Karachi including British International School, City School, Beaconlite School, British Overseas School, the International School, and Foundation School Roots International School and other representatives of schools here in Lahore at a local hotel.

Considering the economic meltdown, Edexcel had slashed its Fee to less than 50 per cent which will significantly improve enrolment of children in the international standard schools.

The UK Education eco system is experiencing a phase of transition so are qualifications and curriculum which is followed world over.

Edexcel being the largest awarding body in UK qualifications and curriculum is well recognised globally and schools affiliated with Edexcel are supported fully to ensure the delivery of qualifications in a quality environment. Pearson adds to Edexcel’s strengths by offering an array of content and technology-led solutions to schools while helping them match international standards of education.

While addressing the seminar, David Davies, Director of Stakeholder Management, Edexcel said, “Pearson-Edexcel’s UK qualification due to its rigorous process is acclaimed world ever. Edexcel is proud to have taken this initiative to update the international community about the latest trends in UK curriculum and qualifications as we are aware that a lot of students from Pakistan.

Ms. Premila Paulraj Canitius, Assistant Vice President, Edexcel Academics – Subcontinent said, I am pleased that the British Council is partnering Pearson – Edexcel to promote this unique initiative. This association will help millions of people in Pakistan to a brighter future. Academicians and parents have realised the importance of Edexcel qualifications being offered in schools which not only makes learning a practical and pleasurable experience but also gives children a well rounded personality with an opportunity to explore further Education opportunity globally.

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