Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust to help poor children to get education

The government aimed to enhance education budget upto 4 per cent of GDP by 2018 and to ensure that all children between six and 12 years of age get quality education to achieve cent per cent literacy in 15 years, said Hina Fysal, Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust at a distribution ceremony here in Islamabad.

DSCF5898A dilemma is that, our institutions are far-behind to provide quality education to the poor and needy children. A little assistance in the kind of school fee, books and stationery can bring transformation in the education sector, she further said.

The private institutions charge huge curriculum fee and other hidden charges from the children which makes education an expensive solution.

Ensuring that children can get education, Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust (BMWT) has enrolled more than 100 students belonging to Barakahu – a suburb area of Islamabad federal Capital of the primary level for academic year 2013-14.

The Trust has deposited school fee for a complete academic period. These poor children are also provided school uniforms, course books, note books and stationery items.

With the help of this education package, the parents of these children are supposed to not pay any charges to continue quality education of their children in the private schools of the area.

This initiative would help our children to get education and bring change in the country’s education sector.

Earlier to this, Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust provided course books, notebooks and stationery items to as many as 125 students studying at the different levels at the government schools in Desra valley, Harripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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