Sungi Foundation welcomed formation of new governments at national and provincial level

Lauding the peaceful and smooth democratic transition in the country, Sajid Mansoor Qaisrani, Executive Director Sungi Development Foundation has welcomed the formation of new governments at national and provincial level. While extending CSOs all kind of support to new governments in devising and implementing pro-people developmental policies and actions, Qaisrani asked the government to take other CSOs such as media, NGOs, Lawyers and trade unions on board, who played an important role in facilitation of this transition.

sungiHe said that incumbent governments will give priority to the pressing issues of law and order, energy crisis, good governance and restoration of local government as raised and promised by them in their electoral manifestos and campaign.

He also appreciated the federal government decision to invite National Party’s chief Dr. Abdul Malik Baluch to form government in Baluchistan despite the fact that PML-N has majority of the seats there. It is a good omen not only for the democracy in the country but also for alleviating the deprivation of Baluch people, mainstreaming them and easing the crisis in insurgency-hit province. It will have far reaching positive impact on the overall situation in the country in general and in Baluchistan in particular.

He appreciated the federal government’s resolve to develop better ties with the neighbouring countries and hope that it would bring peace and stability not only in the region but also in the country.

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