Shazia Shaheen looks at U.S. Services for Battered Women

“A U.S. State Department Professional Fellow and Pakistani Activist, Shazia Shaheen recently saw how one U.S. state responds to the needs of battered and abused women. She plans to bring “best practices” back to Pakistan to help women Shazia Shaheen-May15-2013here.” This was reported by U.S. Consulate General Karachi During her two months as a State Department Professional Fellow, Pakistan’s Shazia Shaheen reportedly worked with the Mecklenburg County Women’s Commission in North Carolina, where she saw public and private shelters offering housing, support, counseling and job placement opportunities to battered and abused women.

Shaheen next plans are to raise funds to bring her North Carolina contacts to a women’s shelter in Pakistan, where they can see its operations and offer suggestions. She also hopes to network with colleagues in neighboring South Asian countries to raise awareness and share best practices for women’s shelters.

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