British Government stressed owing pressure over welfare cuts

british-pm-david-camerons-government-under-pressure-over-welfare-cuts-for-poorBritish government under stressed owing pressure to cut welfare payments for poor.

George Osborne Finance minister, aims to make £12 billion in welfare savings, in part with proposed cuts to help reduce Britain’s deficit.
Osborne argues that the existing system of tax credits — in which the state tops up the incomes of people on low salaries — is too expensive.
He has pledged a new “national living wage” of £9 an hour by 2020 and is lifting income tax thresholds to try and boost incomes.

Numerous million families will be affected with this proposed cuts said opponents and many in Cameron and Osborne’s center-right Conservative party. Series of votes will be held by The House of Lords on the issue on Monday in which the government could face defeat after peers tabled motions to try and stop the cuts.

A new report by a think tank has suggested the government should replace tax credits and other means tested benefits with a Negative Income Tax payment that is gradually withdrawn as people’s earnings increase.
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, said Osborne was “in listening mode” but added: “The policy is not going to change… not the main policy”.

John McDonnell, finance spokesman for the main opposition Labour party who is close to its leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn, told the BBC it would “not make political capital” out of any change.

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