2016 to be the year of green building in Pakistan ?

eco-friendly-building2016 seems to be year of green building in Pakistan as both builders and buyers are becoming aware of the benefits of eco-friendly buildings. This has all become a necessity due to the energy shortage in our country, which leads to 13-15 hours of load-shedding in a day. As major of the electricity production is from non-renewable energy resources, this situation is going to get worse in the future.

Moreover, according to the latest Pakistan Economic Survey 2014-15, Pakistan’s glaciers are melting at a faster rate compared to the rest of the glaciers in the world. This not only makes Pakistan vulnerable to a huge variety of hazards but also makes eco-friendly features in the homes a must-have as an action to address these adverse climatic changes. Thus, Pakistani house-hunters have made eco-friendly homes and sustainable housing features a priority, and are installing solar panels in their houses.

Real estate builders and developers are also aware of these changing trends and have started making projects, which incorporate these sustainable features. One such example is the DHA City Karachi (DCK). DCK project will also feature natural drains to collect rain water into a lake for recycling and reuse for plantation and drought resistant native plants. Adding on, the project is said to have include wind, solar and biomass energy along with energy efficient LED lights.

Pakistan’s best real estate website, Lamudi.pk also testified to this ongoing eco-revolution. Nearly half (49.5 percent) of the current residential property listings on Lamudi.pk’s website include eco-friendly features and elements of sustainable design.

“Green building has important social and environmental benefits, such as improved health and productivity, water use reduction, lower greenhouse gas emission and natural resource conservation,” said an official works for Lamudi.pk. Adding on, these also lead to certain financial benefits, including decreased operating costs, increased building values for green projects, and increased asset value for green buildings.

Therefore, as homeowners are becoming more and more aware and using energy-efficient materials and builders and developers are constructing eco-friendly buildings, 2016 is indeed going to be the year of green building in Pakistan.

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