Rohingya Muslims endorsed Pak-Saudi Resolution in UNHRC

pak-saudiThe adoption of a resolution, jointly proposed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on behalf of Islamic countries in the UN Human Rights Council for calling on the Myanmar government to protect the rights of all people in its territory including Rohingya Muslims, is unanimously endorsed by the Rohingya Muslim community on Tuesday, said a Statement of Appreciation issued by Global Rohingya Center and Arakan Rohingya Union, the umbrella group for Rohingya organizations around the world, saying that the joint move once again proved the positive role of closest-ever Muslim allies, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, for solving the Humanitarian crises peacefully that Muslims of today are facing in the Arakan region of Myanmar.

“On behalf of Rohingya Muslims, the Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) and the Global Rohingya Center (GRC) strongly welcome with deep gratitude to the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Government of Pakistan and Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council on their tireless efforts for this noble cause”, said Director General of ARU, Dr. Wakar Uddin and President of GRC, Shiekh Abdullah Salamat Maruf, in their joint message, while endorsing the resolution.

The international community must take urgent steps for the protection of the rights of stateless Rohingya Muslims as due to the refusal of the Myanmar government to grant the citizenship, their freedom of movement and other basic human rights, including food and health care, are being violated at a larger scale, they regretted.

Rohingya leaders hoped that the resolution would put diplomatic pressure on the Myanmar government to review the nationality law, which denied the right to citizenship of the Rohingya community since 1982 and to ensure that refugees and displaced persons would be able to return to their homes in cooperation with the international community. “The positive role of Pakistan and the Kingdom could never be forgotten by the Rohingya Muslims struggling for their rights.” The statement further said, which was signed jointly by the President GRC and the Director General ARU.

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