Centaurus Mall promotes Class/Gender Discrimination in Islamabad

Centaurus_PublicNoticeIslamabad’s biggest shopping mall, The Centaurus Mall, is being condemned by different segments of society after it announced that some visitors will be required to purchase entry coupons, according to a public notice published in the local dailies.

In what it called a move to avoid ‘overcrowding’, Centaurus Mall in a public notice said visitors will have to buy a Rs 100 coupon to enter the mall but the decision to exempt some people from the scheme, could be clearly termed as discriminatory, racist and sexist.

The public notice listed 23 types of people who will not have to purchase the entry coupons. Those exempted include all women and children under 12, senior citizens, lawmakers and executives, diplomats and foreigners, journalists and lawyers, members of country clubs, doctors and teachers. Further, the notice said, “famous players of hockey, cricket, football and golf” and “celebrities” do not have to purchase the entry coupon.

The management of Centaurus unable to elaborate that how to determine who’s ‘famous’, while promoting ‘class and gender discrimination’ in a very shameless way.

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