Pakistani Brilliant Students welcomed at UK House of Parliament

pak-studentsTop position holder brilliant Students of Pakistan were accorded a special welcome by the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe (PAA) at the UK House of Parliament. The ceremony was held to recognise the efforts of the Chief Minister of the Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif for the promotion of Education in the country for the last 7 years, particularly the top position holders of the Punjab are not only offered free visit of the UK but also the entire Europe.

Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe threw light on the achievements of these students besides showing to the world how Pakistan students are positive and exemplary. The ceremony was arranged by the cooperation of Ms. Naz Shah the Member of the House of Parliament UK. Federal Commissioner Overseas Zubair Gul, Ex Federal Minister of Education Dr Z.U Khan OBE, Information Secretary Pakistan Muslim League (N) UK Iqbal Sindhu, President Legal Wing ML (N) UK Ansar Mehmood Chaudhry attended this ceremony while Pakistani High Commission London was represented by fist secretary Syed Mustafa Rabbani.

Member Parliament Naz Shah appreciated the efforts of the Chief Minister Punjab for making efforts for the visit of the young students from Pakistan. She also promised to cooperate for the promotion of Education in Pakistan in every possible way. She expressed her happiness over the fact that we are cooperating for the promotion of Education of Pakistani kids at individual level and we should carry on even in future. With reference to Rights of the Women Naz Shah MP added that she will continue arranging such programs.

Former Federal Minister Dr Z.U Khan OBE said that promotion of Education in Pakistan is a good step and that he pays special tribute to the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe who have set an example by stepping forward to take such a praiseworthy action. He pointed to Federal Commissioner Overseas Zubair Gul that great work could be done through the cooperation of Pakistani Community for the promotion of Education in Pakistan. A lot of work is needed to be done on this program but it is possible only when Pakistani Government, leaders of Pakistan and Overseas continue their cooperation and coordination with the community. Federal Commissioner Zubair Gul paid high tribute to the Chief Minister Punjab and thanked Overseas Community. Zubair Gul said that the way Top Position Holders of Pakistan are given Lap Tops during the previous 6 years and sent abroad, these steps are unique examples which prove that a student may be rich or poor; all have equal opportunities.

Zubair Gul also thanked Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe for this great effort. He also thanked Pakistan Government and hoped that by working with overseas community they can also promote Pakistan Achievement Awards. He expressed full support from his department. He also expressed his hope that the way PAA is promoting Pakistani Community during the previous years will continue promoting good name of Pakistan in the coming years. The Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe in his address pointed out that they dedicate awards program every year to some special cause. During the previous years Education of Children in the Punjab, Relief to the Flood Effectees in the Sindh and Support for the women through important Charities remained their areas of cooperation. This year the 7th Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 program will be dedicated to the youth of Pakistan. The chief purpose of dedication is to encourage such people through special tribute to those who are working for the promotion of Pakistan. Youth of Pakistan, to which ever profession they may be linked, are less than no other community.

The First Secretary to the Pakistani High Commission London Syed Mustafa Rabbani, Dr Furrakh Hussain, Senior Journalist Azhar Javed, Asim Yousaf, Ansar Mehmood Ch, Jamshaid Riaz, Usman Yousaf, Dr Shoukat Nawaz, Agha Tanvir, Erum Masood, Ash Jadoon, and others spoke on the occasion.
After that the PAA arranged a special ceremony in the hotel of their stay and gave away Awards on their achievement. Federal Commissioner, First secretary Pakistan High Commission London, Syed Mustafa Rabbani and the Chief Minister were also offered awards on their services. The award of the CM was received by the leaders of the delegation. A shield was also presented to the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe on behalf of the Chief Minister Punjab through Pakistani Students and the Federal Commissioner Zubair Gul.

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